5 Gallon Aquarium

Why is a 5 gallon aquarium worth buying for a starter?

Often I read in many aquariums related sites that a 5 Gallon aquarium is tough to maintain because of its miniature size, hence a starter should always choose at least 20 Gallon aquarium.

Obviously, who are not familiar with the real truth behind of such pieces of advice, don't know that the main focus of those sites is to drive the customer to the bigger tanks to get more dollars.

But those who know how a 5 Gallon fish tank can change their lives like me, for them it is the best thing ever.

If you are a starter and want to venture into the world of fish keeping, below are some effective reasons for which a 5 Gallon aquarium can be the appropriate fish tank for you.

   1. Budget-Friendly:

When you are starting for the first time, investing a lot of dollars is always not an option that we all want, which is why a 5 Gallon tank is the best choice, every time.

Also, to keep your fish in a good health you need to add some essential equipment like a filter, heater, and lights. If you are buying a whole kit of 5 Gallon then it will be much more pocket-friendly for you.

   2. Gaining Experience:

I believe when you keep a fish in your aquarium you take all the responsibilities of its life. Now, when you start for the first time often the chances of making blunder remains.

So if you start with a smaller tank it will be easier for you to maintain and understand the aquatic life rather than 20 Gallon fish tank.

So, gaining experience and rectifying your wrong deeds are always easier with a 5 Gallon aquarium.

   3. Minimum Space:

With a 5 Gallons of tank, you will need a maximum of 10 x 10 x 15 inches, also if the aquarium is horizontally rectangular. Some of the acrylics made tanks come in different shapes and sizes for which you may need lesser space.

Clearly, to set up your 5 Gallon tank for the first time, you will hardly need to worry about the space.

   4. Reusability:

The best part of having a 5 Gallons of an aquarium is its reusability. It might be the case that after gaining experience, you feel the need of upgrading your aquarium.

But for that, you do not need to abandon your 5 Gallons tank, as you can use it as a hospital or breeding tank later.

Bottom Line:

Clearly, a 5 Gallon aquarium has several benefits and you can enjoy all of them without spending a huge amount of dollars. Also, these tanks can be the great gifts for the kids.